01 January 2014

Being a Spiritual Warrior: Thoughts for the New Year

Spiritual Warrior: Thoughts for New Year
Being A Spiritual Warrior
Some Thoughts for the New Year
In 2014, I find I am enough.
In 2014, I fall into confusion and forget.
Humanity is filled with bumps and warts.
Meanness and jealousy,
greed and hate come with the territory.
Imperfection is a given.
In 2014, I stumble and fall,
and forgive my humanness.
Laughing, I embrace the fall,
receive a gift,
a promise
an offering
to remember
there is more to me than I suspected. 
In 2014, I embrace compassion
fierceness and strength,
joy and adventure.
This is who I truly am.
More than I ever dreamed.
Me, in all my glorious humanity
I am a spiritual warrior.
I break the distorting mirror
and remember who I truly Am.

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