Human Beings Are A Blend of Light and Dark

I sent my Soul through the Invisible
Some Letter of that After-Life to spell
And by and by my Soul returned to me
And answer’d ‘I myself am Heav’n and Hell.’
     —Omar Khayyam, Sufi poet
As the poem by Omar Khayyam suggests, our power as human beings comes from the blending of the light and dark, the gentle and powerful. Power can be used to create or destroy. Destruction can be seen as positive or negative. Darkness can be terrifying or magnificent.
Your deeper self knows that creating is a constant dance between heaven and hell, yin and yang, intuitive and rational, head and gut and heart, and in that dance there is no right and wrong, no like and dislike; there is simply being and dancing the passionate dance. It is this shadow world of the human psyche that becomes the grist for life's journey.
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