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17 April 2014
The Deeper Journey of Creativity and the Soul

The Deeper Journey of Creativity and the Soul

The Deeper Journey of Creativity and the Soul
What we yearn deeply to be, we already are.

Our birthright stirs in the beating of our heart. Our creative expression holds the key. We yearn, struggle, fear, flee and sometimes touch that birthright. Only to run again. Forget again. Forget our creative source, our creative being.

The deeper journey of our creative endeavors is about remembering... about touching with love the deeper creativity that takes us home. What that deeper creativity is holds potential beyond our mind’s ability to conceive.

What is the source of your creativity?

What is your vision of home?
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28 March 2014
Letting Go, A Poem

Letting Go, A Poem

Letting Go, A Spiritual Journey

Yesterday I cut back the rose bush’s dead blooms.

She did not argue.

There was nothing to protest.

Thank you, I said,

holding her wisdom in my heart.
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20 March 2014
Healing the Wound of Forgetting

Healing the Wound of Forgetting

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19 March 2014
Risk: An Essential Ingredient in Creativity

Risk: An Essential Ingredient in Creativity

You cannot be truly creative until the gypsy in you dances.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Risk: An Essential Ingredient in Creativity, Quote Clarissa Pinkola EstesImagining your creative desires is the first step on the journey to getting them. The pursuit is not an easy one. Creativity doesn’t just happen. Wildly creative people aren’t the beloved children of the Fates. Creativity is hard work. It is risky business. Creativity is something we must choose every day of our lives.

Creativity is active and passionate. Creativity is about doing and feeling. The rich fertile ground where creativity is born and nurtured lies in the heart and the gut. Creativity rises from the unknown, the unseen, the forgotten. Creativity laughs and cries, it dances and sings, it creates and destroys.

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14 March 2014
How Do We Attain Creative Success?

How Do We Attain Creative Success?

How Do We Attain Creative Success? Nourish your creativity and it will nourish you! Quote by Emerson
Nourish your creativity and it will nourish you! It's a two-way street, really!
To be “successful” in creativity we cannot lust after outcomes. This does not mean that we do not desire to have our book published, our play produced, our song heard, our garden flower, our path known. It does mean that we have to, as Emerson said, "Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience."

Does nature want her flowers to bloom, her grass to green and her sun to shine? Does nature want day more than night or summer more than winter? Does nature, the most creative force in life, want anything?

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05 March 2014
Why Do We Impoverish Our Creativity With Wanting?

Why Do We Impoverish Our Creativity With Wanting?

Creative Success Cannot Be Defined by Fame and Fortune
The Alchemy of Unattached Creativity
The creative flow is an organic process that embraces and defines us when we open to it from the heart and not the mind. Its success cannot be defined by fame and fortune. Its success is a deepening of soul, a greater awareness of the expansiveness and truth of our being as well as our connection to others. For as we serve our own deeper truth, we are serving as a guide into the deeper truth of the greater society.

Creative spirits have been historically and mythically the light bearers for human kind. We are the risk takers, those who journey beyond the boundaries of human consciousness into the Mystery where knowings that serve as keys to destiny can be found.

When we become skilled practitioners of creativity, we journey with a kind of unattached consciousness. By this I mean, we are mindful that we are on the journey without needing to control  its outcome. This is vital, for creativity rises up the great seething chaos of the unmanifested and moves towards the manifesting of that which has not been before. This is the ongoing journey of transfiguration of the human soul and creativity is its midwife.

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15 February 2014
Prayer to Grace

Prayer to Grace

Prayer to Grace, A Poem
Search for me in the barren desert of false self.
Search for me in the bitter landscape of fear.
I wear my loathing like a skin I did not know I grew.
And now I wonder:
How many skins lie below this skin,
the ghostly remains of a motherless child.

Grace be my Mother,
Cradle my frightened self.
Breath sweetness into my heart.
Say a prayer over stillborn selves
Smooth away the dead skins.
My stillborn selves hunger
For the sweet breast of Grace.

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09 February 2014
Chocolate and Creativity? What's the Connection? It's Personal!

Chocolate and Creativity? What's the Connection? It's Personal!

Well, there's always a connection between chocolate and creativity, especially if you are a chocolate lover. Chocolate inspires creativity and love (fact or fiction?!) on any occasion. 

Bellavista Chocolates, only the best! Bellavista Chocolate is a new business that my husband, my son and I have started -- with love and creativity! Please take a look.... the website, designed by my son, Nick, is a work of art. A pleasure to explore.

What Makes Bellavista Chocolates Extra Special?
Though bonbons from dozens of chocolatiers are available for Valentine’s Day gifts and all year long, we only present our favorite four whose assortments benefit from the highest quality of ingredients, classic flavor pairings, and special skill in the production of chocolate bonbons.

We even have Michel Cluizel vegan and kosher assortments.
 Bellavista Chocolate offering includes eight flavors each from  Michel Cluizel, Jacques Torres and Anna Shea, our Bellavista Tasting Assortment is a surprise that your Valentine will truly love! If you choose the Bellavista Tasting Assortment to express your Valentine love, whenever you order one of our 50 piece tasting boxes during the rest of 2014 (excluding July and August), we’ll give you free shipping!

Try Bellavista Chocolate for Valentine's Day. To receive in time for Valentine's delivery, order not later than Wednesday morning (so I have time to pack the Assortment!) And I would very much appreciate it if you can spread the word to your chocolate-loving friends. Your support in our new endeavor means a lot to us.

Happy Valentine's Day. May it be fun, loving and filled with delectable chocolate!
Emily, Ned and Nick
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26 January 2014
 Making Your Own Inner Wisdom Cards

Making Your Own Inner Wisdom Cards

"What if you knew that the impulse to move in a way that creates beauty in the world will arise from deep within and guide you every time you simply pay attention and wait? How would this shape your stillness, your movement your willingness to follow the impulse to just let go and dance?" ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Making Your Own Inner Wisdom Cards, Quote Oriah Mountain Dreamer Have you ever made your own Inner Journey Wisdom Cards? Would you like to make some of your own. This is a very creative, magical and deeply healing process.
Although sometimes you start out with a card in mind, more often then not, the card evolves. The process is so engaging that you yield to the card that seems to be created by a force outside of you!  
The process deepens as you ask the card for a message, as you will see by clicking on some of the cards below. Sometimes, the image on the card is so powerful, that you don't feel you need anything but the image.  If you are interested in making your own cards and would like to work one-on-one with me on this fascinating journey, email me or call 914-962-4432 for information.
 Yes, we can do this on the telephone!
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18 January 2014
How Is Water the Key to a More Fulfilling Life?

How Is Water the Key to a More Fulfilling Life?

Do you have the patience to wait
til your mind settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
til the right action arises by itself? 

~Tao Te Ching

Water as  a Metaphor for Conscious Living, Quote Tao Te Ching
Water flows in the path of least resistance. This is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Water flows around, over and under. With the patience of the seasons, water carves its way through mountains. Water falls from great heights with nary a thought. It sparkles in sunlight and whispers to the soul on a moonlit night. Water is serene and violent, clear and murky, shallow and deep. All this without regrets.

This is the nature of water...  Water is true to its nature.
What might your life look like if you did not fight against the natural currents and rhythms of your true nature? How might your life change? In exploring the nature of water, we deepen our awareness of our own deep, true Self.
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