17 April 2014

The Deeper Journey of Creativity and the Soul

The Deeper Journey of Creativity and the Soul
What we yearn deeply to be, we already are.

Our birthright stirs in the beating of our heart. Our creative expression holds the key. We yearn, struggle, fear, flee and sometimes touch that birthright. Only to run again. Forget again. Forget our creative source, our creative being.

The deeper journey of our creative endeavors is about remembering... about touching with love the deeper creativity that takes us home. What that deeper creativity is holds potential beyond our mind’s ability to conceive.

What is the source of your creativity?

What is your vision of home?
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  1. What we yearn deeply to be, we already are.
    So close yet so far away.

    We always think of creativity as an original thought, but may not be so, maybe that's what I've been told to think.
    this second paragraph reminds me of the hound of heaven.
    that poem always stood out in my head, heard it a long time ago.
    the source of my creativity is my joy of greeting each new day.
    I hate to utter the word joy, lest it be taken away from me.

    my vision of home, is probably enjoying my own solitude, enjoying my own company.
    I sometimes think I could live in a castle. I could live in a closet.
    oh well, have a good night. this is fun.


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