05 March 2014

Why Do We Impoverish Our Creativity With Wanting?

Creative Success Cannot Be Defined by Fame and Fortune
The Alchemy of Unattached Creativity
The creative flow is an organic process that embraces and defines us when we open to it from the heart and not the mind. Its success cannot be defined by fame and fortune. Its success is a deepening of soul, a greater awareness of the expansiveness and truth of our being as well as our connection to others. For as we serve our own deeper truth, we are serving as a guide into the deeper truth of the greater society.

Creative spirits have been historically and mythically the light bearers for human kind. We are the risk takers, those who journey beyond the boundaries of human consciousness into the Mystery where knowings that serve as keys to destiny can be found.

When we become skilled practitioners of creativity, we journey with a kind of unattached consciousness. By this I mean, we are mindful that we are on the journey without needing to control  its outcome. This is vital, for creativity rises up the great seething chaos of the unmanifested and moves towards the manifesting of that which has not been before. This is the ongoing journey of transfiguration of the human soul and creativity is its midwife.

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