03 January 2011

How Using Your Inner Vision Supports Creativity Success

How Using Your Inner Vision Supports Creativity
Artwork by The Soul Connection Network.

How do you explore the mystery of you?
What does intuition have to do with creativity?
How can you give birth to the true Self whose visions of possibility and becoming are beyond the mind's horizons?


Creativity is a force that gathers its energy in the mysterious inner worlds and gradually moves toward definition and completion in the outer world. The problem, especially in Western culture, is that we are educated to focus on the outer world, which demands us to get it right, get it done and be successful!

Creative success can not be determined by the outside world. If we focus on that "prize" we are very likely to miss the real success, which is internal, deeply personal and will, paradoxically, affect your relationship to others in the outer world, but rarely in ways we expect.

The question becomes how to turn our sights inward? How to trust the inner vision as our wise guide in the shadowy and chaotic inner landscape? This demands a leap of faith, which is why the metaphor of falling down the rabbit hole is such a good one.

Like Alice, we must hurl ourselves after the white rabbit knowing that once we enter the dark, the inner vision will flip on... like a switch... but we have to believe!

Our inner vision has very different abilities from our outer sight.
Our inner vision has no fear of the unknown. 
Our inner vision can pierce the veils of mystery and magic and embrace paradox. 
Our inner vision is a wandering pilgrim who knows that getting lost is being found. 
Our inner vision is an explorer and imagineer of divine proportions!!! 
Our inner vision is guiding light into our soul.

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