06 January 2011

Are You Too Busy To Be Happy?

Are You Too Busy to Be Happy? Quote GeotheThen your creativity is suffering, too!
When does happiness appear on your to-do list? 
Have you ever noticed how as soon as you wake up, you begin making choices. And the lists begin. Have to do this and this and this today....

Where in your list does your happiness and creativity appear?

Are the things that make you happy and feed your creativity the first to go?

Are you, the essential You, passed over in your daily list of what's important?

Do you sacrifice your life to being busy?

Sacrificing your Self to your busy "to do" list isn't a healthy choice. It drains you of happiness. Happy people have happiness to share! 

List three things you can do every day to nurture your creativity and release the flow of happiness within you. They don't have to be time consuming. Small gifts count. 

"One must ask children and birds how strawberries and cherries taste." ~ Goethe

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