07 January 2011

Five Truths About Happiness

Five Truths About HappinessThe other day, I suggested you list three ways to nurture your happiness. Have you done that?

This morning, my husband and I talked about that very idea by exploring what had made us happy yesterday. This is not something we usually do and it was fascinating. The conversation that made us both more conscious of the happiness we had experienced that we hadn't taken note of and appreciated.

Talk About Happiness, You Might Be Surprised by What You Say...

When he asked me what made me happy yesterday, the first thing that popped into my mind was the wonderful sessions I had with two of my writing students. I smiled, acknowledging in that moment how much teaching makes me happy. And I was happy all over again!

I also noted that I had missed taking Phoebe, my dog, for a walk. I didn't feel unhappy when I said that. One of our usual long walks in the woods simply wasn't possible yesterday, but I did feel the happiness that she and our walks do bring. And then, laughing, I said I was happy I'd taken the time to make pasta sauce. I love the smell of the tomatoes, basil and garlic filling the kitchen -- and my dinner plate!

It was also a warm feeling to talk to my husband about the things that made us happy. It isn't something we had ever done in quite this way before. And we decided that creating a conscious awareness of happiness and how it flows through our lives is invaluable, and a happiness in and of itself.

Five Truths about Happiness:
  1. Happiness is a choice. It's always available.
  2. Happiness is never selfish. 
  3. We can never have too much happiness.
  4. There's a very good chance that you have more happiness than you realize.
  5. Awareness of happiness as a natural, easy energy basic to human life make happiness more available.
We often give too much air time to our miseries and misfortunes. Why not stop right now and  consider your day thus far? Can you find any happiness that passed unnoticed? It might just make you feel happy all over again!

Imagination as a Gateway to Happiness
This is actually a very creative moment. Consider this: if you are having a terrible day, close your eyes and breathe. As you do, imagine happiness. Create it right now, in this moment. Breathe it in, let it fill you.

Imagination is powerful. It is a gateway to happiness.
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