10 January 2011

How to End Creativity Block

When seriousness is a drag...
I have to admit, I have a very, very serious side. All work, no fun... that sort of thing. And all too often, that side of me takes control of my life. It makes even my creative endeavors feel like chores. It makes my life a big drag.

I'm pretty tired of that part of me, and it's why I am exploring happiness. Exploring it with a new-found passion that has opened a unexpected entryways into enjoying life. I find I am feeling more creative and actually laughing more.

Oscar Wilde said, “Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.”

Hmm.... so much for the serious side getting the upper hand. Better, to be able to laugh at ourselves - on a daily basis.

Plus laughter is good for your brain, your mind and your creativity.

Laughter affects several physiological changes that occur, particularly in the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the musculature. Dopamine and endorphins are released when laugh.  Imagine, when you're despairing over what to do, what if you laughed? Who  what it could do for your creativity!

And it makes other people happy too!
I mean, just looking at this picture of the little boy laughing. Doesn’t it make you at least smile? Tickle something inside you? If it doesn’t... well, that’s just sad.

How to End Creativity Block: Try Laughing

Here's a new idea:
 Laughter Clubs and Yoga Laughter. Seriously .... I mean, I'm not joking... I mean... it's funny.... I mean, Laughing Clubs started in China and moved to India, where I think they became Laughing Yoga! And now there are some 50,000 such clubs around the world!

Just imagine the barrage of cynical remarks aimed at the fellow who first came up with that idea! Imagine how many thought he was a fool! And he is! A true Fool! The kind of Fool I want to be.

 Start with this BBC video and then explore others on the site. Betcha can't laugh just once! 

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  1. Universal consciousness is a wonderful thing!
    Once I published my motivational book, my world became positive, interesting and happy.


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