26 December 2010

Happiness Is Always In the Present

Happiness Is Always In the Present
When the mind-rage takes over
The other day I was in a meeting with my husband and son about a business we have been developing for a very long time. I was interested, listening, participating, and all of a sudden my mind took me to "fear." It shouted, "This is the same old, same old!" "This business will never open!"  "This so-called business is going to put us in the poor house."

Listening to my mind-raging fear scenario, I felt my anger rising at an exponential rate.. It was all I could do not to say something to my husband and son, something which would have been bitter and destructive. I didn't want to do that. And then I remembered "happiness."

"Stay present."
Another voice inside of me said with a kind, nurturing and firm tone. "There is nothing wrong with this moment. Stay present."

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to what was really going on: my husband and son avidly discussing the business. They were fully engaged. Having fun. Making progress. "Stay present,"  the voice reminded me again. "Don't miss the show."

By simply being aware of what was happening within me, and being able to choose the wise, compassionate voice, happiness was once again possible. And the interplay felt enormously creative!

By repeating to myself, "Stay present", I was able to let go the fearful thoughts that had taken me to such a dark, cold place, a place made of nothing but smoke and mirrors. I thought, my mind's fear scenarios are the enemy of the present. Fear scenarios destroy happiness. I left the inner war zone and re-joined the conversation . It was fun, innovating and we made great progress.

Stay present is becoming my new mantra.
It helps. It really does!!

What do you think?? What does my experience evoke in you?? Share....
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  1. Stay present, what an awesome insight. I never thought about it in that way.

    It never hurts to face the fear in your mind, but knowing when to let it roam free and when to keep it caged, is a whole different matter. By staying in the present and knowing and consciously making the decision to stay silent, or voicing the fear, you choose Happiness for yourself and others, or you can choose to kill a dream.

    Thank you for a moment of clarity and thought.

    Way to go!


  2. I agree with Emily. It's okay to acknowledge the fear and what it says, but do not let it overcome you. Those fears will work themselves out later.

  3. @Peggy

    Fear is the boogey man. I am so aware of how often my mind jumps to fear. Awareness is joy!


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