06 December 2010

How Do You Define Happiness?

How Do You Define Happiness?

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” ~The Dalai Lama
“We all relate to our thoughts, whether they are intensely negative or not, as a reliable statement of the truth... you believe what your thoughts are telling you...” ~Jon Kabbat-Zinn
We all have “happiness” definitions and equations.
Happiness is __________
I will find happiness when __________
I will never find true happiness because ________
To be happy I need __________

Our responses to these questions often reflect the imprints made on our young sensibilities by attitudes, beliefs and stories we learned from adults in our childhood and experiences during our growing up years. These influence both our conscious and unconscious attitudes towards happiness. Some are positive... others create obstacles to happiness. 

True happiness can neither be given or taken away by another.
True happiness resonates with the private rhythms of our being; it is not a story or a doctrine of faith; nor can it be determined by others' stories or doctrines of faith. True happiness can neither be given or taken away by another. True happiness is experienced in the present moment.  

True happiness may be found in memories of yesterday, or imaginings of a better tomorrow. But even these, rooted in yesterday, which is gone forever, or a tomorrow which may never come, are experienced, appreciated, enjoyed in the present moment. They live now, not in the past or the future.

Happiness is accepting what is.
Happiness transcends disappointment, loss, pain and death itself.
Happiness is the experience of love and compassion, of simplicity and complexity.

What is your experience of happiness?

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  1. I believe we all unconsciously create the present moment...And most of us act or pretend that this present moment is something outside of us....and some people teach us this present moment is something we should adapt ourselves to...We don't have to adapt ourselves to an outside present moment.....We can create our own personal present moment and we can determine ourselves how we experience the past, present and future and time in general.
    I will get more insights on this and probably change and/or improve my views on this when I've read, listened to, and/or watched more on (yoga and)time(-travel), (spiritual) quantum-physics and creating your own reality.

  2. Hi Vinay,
    You definitely have insight and have expressed it beautifully. I think we often get the insight before we fully own the experience. And being often, we trip, stumble, forget... but there's always the next moment!


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