19 March 2014

Risk: An Essential Ingredient in Creativity

You cannot be truly creative until the gypsy in you dances.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Risk: An Essential Ingredient in Creativity, Quote Clarissa Pinkola EstesImagining your creative desires is the first step on the journey to getting them. The pursuit is not an easy one. Creativity doesn’t just happen. Wildly creative people aren’t the beloved children of the Fates. Creativity is hard work. It is risky business. Creativity is something we must choose every day of our lives.

Creativity is active and passionate. Creativity is about doing and feeling. The rich fertile ground where creativity is born and nurtured lies in the heart and the gut. Creativity rises from the unknown, the unseen, the forgotten. Creativity laughs and cries, it dances and sings, it creates and destroys.

Risk: The Magic Ingredient

I recently did a series of interviews with people who were successful with their creativity and there wasn’t a one who didn’t light up when I asked them about risk. It’s the fuel, the manna, the soul food. It’s also one of the most powerful components of life; without risking, we stagnate. Take a risk, no matter how small, and everything changes. If you’re so afraid of the risk you won’t take chances, you will never be creative. No way. It is impossible.

Here’s an exercise to see where you are on the Risk/Gypsy Scale! Enjoy...

Calling Forth Your Gypsy

List negative words to describe Gypsies.

List positive words to describe Gypsies.

Write down one subject that you would never, never write about. If you think there isn’t any subject that is taboo, make one up.

Make a list of all your creative desires. Leave nothing out.

Make a list of the risks you have taken in your life. Big risks, little risks—they all count.

Go to the list of creative desires and see if there are any more you’d like to add.

Look at the list of your risks. Which one makes you feel the best? Why?

Get a crayon, broad-tipped magic marker or dark inked pen. . look at the one subject that you would never, never write about. Write it down now.

Write a short piece about an imagined character doing the one thing that you would never write about. Whatever you write, make it something that both frightens and delights you. The point of this exercise is to take a chance, be bold, passionate, have fun! Get down and dirty. Let your imagination run free. Write without thinking. Let the Gypsy in you dance.

This exercise is taken from my book, The Art of Fiction Writing or How to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Without Really Trying. Although written for writers, much of the work in this book is geared toward creativity and finding out about what stops you from opening to a deeper creativity and following your creative desire. The Art of Fiction Writing is now and e-book. Explore...

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