27 December 2013

How To Stop Failing Even When You Succeed

Most of us see ourselves as the accumulation of stories defined by our role in the outer world.
These stories can be ones of success and hold moments of joy, feelings of being alive, worthy, respected and loved. Paradoxically, even when the outer world stories are positive, what we mistakenly believer are the deeper truths invariably seep in. We think to ourselves things such as:
1.   My success won't last long...  It really was a fluke.
2.   The goodness, ability, intelligence, etc. that people see in me will ultimately be revealed as false glitter.
3.   I am unworthy and if people knew the true me, they would see what a terrible person I really am – a fraud and imposter. 
How To Stop Failing Even When You Succeed
Are you ready to take off your mask?

We put on a good face to overcompensate
We feel this to a greater or lesser extent, and there are ways that we “put on a good face” to over-compensate for our fears of being "found out." Inside, however, we fall victim again and again to the fraud and imposter syndrome that that convinces us we are terrible people, unworthy, shameful, stupid... whatever is your false version of self.

Most people never awaken to the fact that the self they secretly condemn is not the real Self. It is the small, ego self. Perhaps you are nodding as you read this, thinking, yes, yes, I know this about my ego. But there seems little I can do to affect change. 

You can’t force self-change.
You can’t even understand it. You can only have the experience and feel the embrace of True Self. 
  1. Your True Self never condemns or hides. 
  2. Your True Self is filled with compassion, joy and unconditional love. 
  3. Your True Self doesn’t categorize what happens in life as good or bad. All is part of the adventure, part of your path and another opportunity for growth. 
  4. Your True Self never hides. It is your ego self that can spend a lifetime hiding from True Self. 
The journey to True Self is not an easy one. It means defying a lifetime of false stories and ego lies.

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