26 December 2013

Transform the Way You See Creativity and Yourself

Transform the Way You See Creativity and YourselfThe multifaceted journey of creativity is not limited to the arts.
Creativity is not an end in itself. Creativity is a path from which the journey of life is explored, the mystery embraced. The multifaceted journey of creativity is not limited to the arts. There is another level of creativity that beckons, awakening us to the deeper truth of who we are, or who we would be. This is the journey of soul, an ancient quest central to the great myths and integral to the creative process. Then creativity is synonymous with life itself and a powerful source for personal spiritual growth and healing.

Anorexic Creativity...

The problem is that the concept of creativity in our culture is limited, and this creates a rather anorexic relationship of self to self. Anorexic? True, this may seem like a peculiar word to use about creativity, but I think it is apt. We deny nourishment to our creativity and thereby, metaphorically, starve our deeper selves.

My work as creativity coach supports you in nourishing your inner garden, which is only possible when you nourish your creativity. Together, we enrich the soil, and take care to protect new sprouts that could easily be trampled or pulled out as weeds. We relish in that which grows abundant within you and defy any insistence from the outside world that the wild rose bush be cut back!

In embracing this journey, changes both great and small transform the way you view your self and your creativity.
You make that change in a career or in relationship to another, and more importantly, in relation to Self.
You write the poetry or book we always wanted to write, take the drawing, yoga or dance class, go back to school, redecorate, buy flowers or take a walk... You allow our selves to meander and dream.
You are on the path of remembering who we truly are.

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