09 December 2013

If You Aren't the CEO of Your Life, Who Is?

YOU are the CEO of your life. Creativity, Risk and Claiming Your Own Life Creativity, Risk and Claiming Your Own Life  
Pursuing our creative passions, even admitting to them, can be risky business.    
Will I make money from our creative pursuits?  
Will I be seen as selfish?   
Am I wasting my time?   
Will I fail?   
Will I find out I have no creativity?  

Such fear-based questions are the enemies of happiness and growth.

 "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 
No one can make you unhappy without your consent.   
No one can make you happy without your consent. 
No one can take away your creativity without your consent. 
No one can bestow creativity upon you.   
YOU are the CEO of your life.
You are the light, the fire in the belly, the creativity, the joy, the happiness and the sorrow.The choice is always yours. And it's not always an easy choice.
What to Do When You Are Feeling Uncreative, Judgmental and Generally Mean To Yourself.
Stop. Breath. Ask yourself, "Who is making me feel this way?"
Take responsibility for the feeling, even if you don't feel it's true. Stop chiding yourself. Instead say, "This feeling is mine, I own it. No one can make me feel _____ without my consent.
Allow the aware part of you that has the ability to step outside the ego's negativity to look upon the unhappy, suffering you with love and compassion.
Becoming comfortable with this aware self is an important step to claiming your creativity, your happiness and your true life's journey. When you do, you realize that not all of you is unhappy and feeling uncreative or inadequate. 

The Power of Awareness
Awareness makes clear that you are more than your mind. 
Awareness has the loving, creative and ultimately freeing ability to separate from the mind's warped presentation of your life and your true potential. 
Awareness is always compassionate. 
Awareness never judges.  
Awareness offers perspective. And the first act of the perspective is to offer love and compassion to your suffering self. 
Awareness brings your fearful, self-loathing self into the light through acceptance and loving kindness.

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