03 January 2014

Do You Know How to Uncover the Real Plot of Your Life!

Uncovering the Real Plot, Story, of Your Life! A Journey of Soul
"Perhaps we could say that the soul joins the great Actors' Guild
of the Human Race when it takes a physical body and is born on earth."
~ Vivian King

Woke up early to a slowly graying sky and a snow laden world. So beautiful as I stared out my window. I thought, however, to go back to sleep, but Phoebe, my dog, had other ideas. She wanted out, or at least thought she did! Once I opened the door, I had to give her a strong nudge, and while she went about her business, I went about mine of making coffee! By the time Phoebe scratched to come in, the coffee was done and she and I, with coffee cup in hand, went back upstairs ― she intent on curling up under the covers, me intent on reading the book with which I fell asleep last night.

Soul Play, Turning Your Daily Dramas Into Divine Comedies

After Phoebe was settled under the covers, I reached for my book. As I did, I noticed another at the bottom of my bedside pile of books. It was a book I had ordered a while ago and really wanted to read, but somehow had forgotten about. It's called, Soul Play, Turning Your Daily Dramas Into Divine Comedies, by Vivian King. Immediately I set to reading.

What a treat! I could hardly contain my excitement as read on. Her processes resonated deeply and added to my own as a soul journeyer and Life Coach for creative women and  men. What I love best are her playfulness and deep connection to the creative process and storytelling. It was when I came across the following passage that I knew I wanted to share this with all of you...

Our soul plays a masquerade. Why, we wonder...
Ms King quotes the Italian philosopher, Tommaso Campanella, who wrote a sonnet that begins: "In the theatre of the world our souls play a masquerade, hiding themselves behind their bodies and effects." She then poses and answers, in such a gorgeous way, the question: "Why, we wonder, did the soul choose this human experience? Why is it playing a masquerade?"

She goes on to say, "We might think of it this way. A novelist gets an idea for a new story one day while she's looking idly out her window. She sits at her computer, (for she is a modern woman) and begins to develop the plot and characters. As she works, the story begins to take on a life of its own in her mind. The characters begin to tell her who they are and what they want. Relationships are established. Intriguing conflicts are created. The exciting and entertaining plot thickens to keep readers in suspense. Then finally the mysteries are resolved; the tensions are broken. Whether it turns out to be a tragedy or a comedy, the story is over. The End!
When the story is finished, the author realizes to her surprise that she herself has changed. She now knows herself in way she never could have before. Through her creation, she discovers more of who she is.” (My emphasis.)

The Soul desires to know itself in multiple dimensions
"In much the same way,” she goes on, “we may imagine that the soul, desiring to know itself in multiple dimensions, chooses to become human and experience its own 'novel.' In human form, the soul experiences all the dualities and polarities of earthly life and discovers its own various facets and nuances.

"Why do we forget who we are?" Ms King poses another question. "Perhaps we forget who we are so we can really get into the story, get into it in a way we couldn't if we were not fully involved in the material world. Perhaps we desire to experience the thrill of remembering. Do you recall the excitement hide-and-seek when you were young? Can you still hear the shrieks of delight when you were found?
The great drama of getting lost and then found.
"Getting lost and finding ourselves makes great drama. It's the theme that runs through many of the world’s great literary classics... As a modern-day person performing your own version of the play, will you remember that getting lost, though part of the great drama, is only an illusion? Will you remember who you have always been? Those are the questions!" she concludes.  
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  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    a really nice piece emily. i see her reiterating what you say. remembering.


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