03 March 2012

Fear Is the Fire Breathing Paper Dragon

Fear Is the Fire Breathing Paper Dragon
Change terrifies us. Fear grips us. I didn’t ask for this. Why am I always the victim of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

When fear steps in...
Even when we are hungering for the change, fear steps in and makes the change seem impossible.

The truth is You, the True You, knows that there is nothing to fear. The True You came into life for the adventure of life and knows fear is part of the journey,
but doesn’t take it as fire breathing dragon appears to be.

The True You knows that illness, loss of a job or relationship, a betrayal, an illness and death are a clarion call to change! Yet fear is feels very real. It isn't. Fear is the fire breathing paper Dragon set off by the ego.

Change is the core of life. Terrified or not, change happens, all the time.

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