02 May 2012

Slowing Down on a Fine Wind... Simplicty, Acceptace, and Surrender

"A fine wind is blowing the new direction of time through me. If only I can let it bear me, carry me." ~ D.H. Lawrence
Slowing Down on a Fine Wind... Simplicty, Acceptace, and Surrender, Quote D.H LawrenceAs many of you know, I have collected quotes on writing, creativity and the inner journey for many years. I call these Messages from the Muse. Recently, I wrote on the above quote.

This is something I have felt so often, and usually attribute it to my work. It leaves me feeling anxious. My mind insists, "Get on with it. Just do it! Let me just do it and finally break through!"
Do what? I am now wondering, and I am left with the feeling that I have missed something. And I have! The "new wind" had little to do with "work". I realize I never had to work so hard, push so hard. I simply had to be patient and let the fine wind do its work -- or its joy!
Slowing down, a sweet opening...
I think I am finally allowing change to bear me, carry me in its own mysterious way. I want to slow down. Do less. Such a sweet opening. I feel less anxious about simply being and allowing -- surrendering to what is. It seems that my focus is softening. Not everything needs to be seen and known.
How wonderful this feels. I smile with it, and know that it spreads slowly within, like honey on a warm day, carrying me to exactly where I am. Peacefully... sweetly... moment to moment, without regret. 
Say "Yes" to simplicity.
If only I can let it bear me, carry as I say yes to simplicity, acceptance, and surrender of my will to a greater knowing/not knowing within me.
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