22 November 2013

Creativity As the Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Creativity As the Path of the Spiritual WarriorOur creativity is most often used to birth our creations in the outer world, whether it be in the arts, the healing professions or any creative expression that is driven by our passion. Although these are powerful expressions, we are called to an even deeper level of creativity: the birth of true Self, who was there before you came into life and will remain when the body dies.

True Self is your center, your stillness and the knower of mystery and wisdom.
True Self loves your humanity and the immensity of who you are — an immensity beyond the mind's reckoning. True Self waits for you, always. Through her, you find your passion, your purpose and your freedom.

Creativity is the Spiritual Warrior's torch-giving light.
Deepen your understanding of how the Creative Process and its enduring cycles are the foundation of all of life's most challenges and adventures.

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