15 May 2011

Letting Stillness Grow

Letting Stillness Grow, A Poem
A few months ago I entered SIBYL Magazine's poetry contest and I am thrilled to share the results.
"Emily, although your written works did not place within the top four winning slots, the editorial judges absolutely fell in loved with the pure-light and healing energy your poetry emanated in the poem entitled: LETTING STILLNESS GROW.

Our judges were so impressed with this poem, they'd like to offer you an opportunity to share a single piece of your poetry inside each bimonthly issue of the brand new, forthcoming literary spin-off publication of SIBYL Magazine entitled, SIBELLA: Poetry and Artwork To Heal the Soul and Inspire the Heart".

Letting Stillness Grow
I saw a sky as large as my heart
and I did not know
it was mine.

What wonders lie in stillness,
that evasive gift of life.
Is it fear of death, of nothingness
that keeps stillness at bay?
My thirst is great.
My skills are few,
but what skills might stillness

Patience, for one.
Am I patient enough
and brave enough
to let my stillness grow?

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  1. Congratulations, Emily--what a beautiful poem!!

  2. This is a beautiful poem, and congratulatuons on being chosen to be featured monthly in Sibella!

  3. Brenda, thank you for you thoughts!


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