13 July 2009

Have You Made the Mistake of Running from the Crone?

Have You Made the Mistake of Running from the Crone?

This is an invocation for a teleWorkshop on the Crone that I recently gave. Crone is an archetype as well as active energy within our bodies and our psyches. When I asked her to speak, this is what she said:

I come to teach about death and life, about letting go and moving on. 
I come to teach patience and the knowing that letting go and moving on happen on their own time table.
I come to awaken the energy of Crone within you.
I come to give you yourself in me.

I am a place of deep mystery, fertile beyond imaginings. I am proactive by nature and not without judgment. My judgment is righteous and built on experience, faith and compassion.

I am a fierce fighter for life, beauty and love
I create sickness, fear, rage and insanity. I destroy that which no longer serves swiftly and fearlessly. Although this may frighten you, know that my will is driven by compassion.
Death is not punishment but a natural sequence on the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. To honor Crone is to honor all aspects of life. I am Warrior. I am Healer. I am mystic. I am Death. I am Silence. I am rage that frees and rage that destroys. I am a force within all women.

I am returning
It took thousands of years for the patriarchy to transform me and my sisters into wretched hags and feared witches, stealers of newborns and the nightly ejaculations of men. But in my great mystery and indestructible mercy, I refused to leave your psyches. I am returning. I, your blood mother of Death and Rebirth, live within you.

Many are my Names: Hecate, Cerridwen, Morrigan, Kali, Spider Woman. I am Dark Demeter. I am the Unchanging Shape-Changer. Look now, look at me and see me all at once. I am Midwife, Weaver, Dancer and Devourer.

Wounded, motherless children, you wander, not able to hear life’s song. Now guide one another to empty your cups willingly, never fearing they will not be filled again. They will be filled, they must, it is the law of love. Day must follow night. Spring must follow Winter.

Maiden Mother Crone.

The Dark of the Moon lures you to your deepest self, to your soul longings and brings you Home. Like the seed in winter, trust in Spring. Trust, on a daily basis, that your empty cups will fill and empty once more… and fill again.

And so it goes, not relentlessly, but in the sweet comfort of Crone, She who holds the Wisdom, the Blood, the Beauty and the Mystery of Life.
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