18 February 2007

How Do You Find Your Soul's Purpose

How Do You Find Your Soul's Purpose, Ronda La Rue
The Art of Inquiry
by Ronda LaRue

What is the meaning of life? 
What are you here to express?
How do you find your soul's purpose?
What is your destiny?
How do you know you're on the right path? Or, if you feel that you aren't on the right path, how do you discover it?
These are the kinds of questions most of us ask and grapple with, at least on occasion. They are the kinds of questions that stir up all sorts of books and seminars, therapies and practices. We each have that built in "dissatisfaction factor" stimulated by an inner yearning to remember who we really are. Some part of each of us wants very much to know and to fully be able to express our own unique reflection of our Divinity.

Somewhere in there we know that this is ultimately why we are here. Somewhere deep inside we sense that there is a gifted and unique purpose to our lives. Often times for most of us, we only know this feeling as a small wishful hope that we hardly dare express:

"Could it possibly be that I have a unique destiny - a purpose for my life? Still it is there, even as just a small thread of hope: "What do I live for? What is my purpose?"

These are sacred questions. They are awakening questions. They live and move and well up from deep within our souls. These questions are the calling of our hearts to remember who we really are.

These questions pave the sacred path to Soul.
It is good to ask them, to grapple with them, to question yourself deeply. These questions contain within them the power of Creation because they spring from your soul's yearning for fullness of expression.

From The Art of Living Your Destiny. by Ronda Ronda
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