26 October 2006

The Freedom of Letting Go, by Carolyn Rowland

My eye was caught by the slightest of movement on the train window.
A tiny almost transparent light green insect had landed during the train stop and was now moving slowly across the window.

It just wouldn't let go.
As I watched, the train began to move and instead of flying off, the insect clung to the window pulling its wings in closer. The train began to pick up speed and I could see the insect stiffen against the wind and pull itself closer to the window, trying desperately to hold on. It slid slightly down the window as its grip loosened and then suddenly one leg pulled free.

Fighting to hold on.
I willed it to just let go and fly but it continued to fight to hold on. The tension in the remaining limb holding fast was visible even though the insect was so small that details of it were hard to see. The train continued to increase its speed and finally, the insect was pulled free, lifted its wings and flew.

The wind on my wings.
As I exited the train at my stop, I began to laugh. I had been willing the insect to just let go and fly but how many times had I been the insect, fighting to hold onto where I was, when if I could only let go, I too could take to the wind on my wings.

This entry was written by Carolyn Rowland.
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