02 December 2013

Why Creativity Is a Journey Into the Dark!

Why Creativity Is a Journey Into the Dark
In Hamlet, Shakespeare said, "Nothing's either good or bad but thinking makes it so." So tell your Inner Critic to put that in his pipe and smoke it when next it tries to stop you from following the passion of your creativity!

Creativity is a labyrinthine journey that takes us deeper and deeper into our self. With every twist, turn and seeming two (three and four!) steps backward for every step forward, we learn more, let go more, fear, love, cry and dance for joy.

Creativity is a journey into the dark and it must be.
Why? Because as creators, we are manifesting the unmanifested.
  • Where is the unmanifested found?
  • Where are seeds found?
  • What gives birth to dawn?
  • From where does the butterfly emerge? 
  • What is the warm, encompassing darkness that gives birth to every living thing?
The answers are all around us.
Creativity is BIG STUFF!
Don't underestimate the power of the journey! And if you feel at times, and we all do, that you're not up to the task, think of this: if you don't risk the journey, you risk even more. 


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