14 February 2010

The Creative Process as a Template of Life

The Creative Process as a Template of Life
Over the past thirty years, I have coached hundreds of women and men on a creative journey that led them to viscerally experience the creative process as a template for a living a more fulfilling, aware and meaningful life. This became the wellspring of my work as a Life Coach for creative women and men. Here I with people who sense the call of creativity and the spiritual journey. When relating to creativity, most people fall into three categories:

Right brain dominant people who actively express their creativity
Right brain dominant people who are not expressing their creativity. 
Left brain dominant people who yearn to express their creativity

Creativity is a path from which the journey of life is explored and its fullness embraced.
In all aspects of Creative Soul Works, whether it be through private coaching, workshops, teleSeminars or retreats, the template of the creative process becomes a unique structure for this journey. The fire of your creativity is its source.

"Working with Emily opened places inside of me I had not realized were still closed. Parts long hidden are now accessible and have an active role in my creative life. Emily's heart warming life affirming style comes through clearly though we are many hundreds of miles apart."
~ Patresa Rollinger

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