28 April 2008

I Am Being Born Out of Myself, Shedding My Bark, a Poem by Meenu Mehrota

Hi Emily, Your thoughts never fail to inspire me and make me feel very proud of being a writer.
Here's something I wrote for your Creative Soul Works blog and mirrors what this journey that I started 4 years back.
I am being born out
of myself
shedding my bark
revealing the new
fresh, the untainted
part of me
soft murmur of the wind
faint chirpings of the birds
gentle crashing of the waves
the stillness of the round moon
the shrieking darkness of the sea at night
the brilliance of the pale blue morning sky
the lingering presence of the mountains all around me
the blushing of the sky at sunrise...
I appreciate it more now
feel them with my soul
my inner self is blooming
tossing and turning
to wake up
walk on a new journey...

warm regards
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