27 January 2008

Silence and Self

Silence and the Inner Journey
Silence is the womb;
silence is the heartbeat.
Without silence we cannot hear the song.
Wear silence like a crown.
Drape yourself in its radiance.
Enter silence in the midst of laughter,
sorrow, joy and pain.
Self awaits.

Silence is our birthright.

It is the place that intuition, the voice of our inner guidance, calls home. It is the place where our true Self can be heard. The problem is, silence is a rarity. We can be alone deep in a pristine forest, far far away from the noise of modern society; we can be alone on a mountaintop with no sign of human life for miles and miles, yet the outer world silence can not penetrate the raucous swirling of own thoughts. Even if we are awe struck by the purity and silence of nature in the moment, so much so that our minds are suddenly infused with peace, it won’t be long before thoughts intrude.

The silence of pure solitude holds awareness and possibility, not loneliness or fear. The question is: how can we learn to inhabit solitude?
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