13 February 2008

Have You Traveled to the Land of Betwixt and Between Lately?

The place of betwixt and between is the magic, the mystery, the essence of creativity The land of Betwixt and Between is a boundary of neither/nor, the place where objects touch, auras blend and energy is transformed. It is midnight, the bewitching hour, the time of neither day nor night but mysteriously both. It arrives unannounced like creativity itself.

The place of Betwixt and Between is the magic, the mystery, the essence of creativity where nothing is what it seems and everything is possible.

The time of Betwixt and Between is the waxing of the moon becoming the waning of the moon becoming the waxing of the moon. Appearing full for three nights, absolute fullness is only a moment, then passes into the land of betwixt and between.

What else is betwixt and between?
Fog, mist, clouds and all that is elusive, wandering, shapeless, shifting from something, disappearing into nothing–– elusive as creativity itself. Like dawn and dusk, it appears, fills us and is gone without a trace.

Where else is the betwixt and between? The water's edge betwixt and between the shoreline and the horizon, the air and sea: three worlds coming together. Air, water, and earth changing, ebbing, flowing elusive.

Betwixt and between is that invisible world between the wave and the beach, the fire and the log, the root and the soil, the bud and the stem, the drop of rain and the leaf, the new crust of snow and the old.
Can you travel to these places of betwixt and between?

Can you know the spirits that dwell therein?

Can you leave your body and enter the essence of betwixt and between?

Can you fly free into wild creativity that is the essence of life?

Light a candle and breath deeply. Watch the rise and fall of your breath. Can you find the betwixt and between in the rise and fall of your breath? Breath deeply as you gaze into the flame. Can you send your creative essence in between the flame and wick? What creativity lies there?

Go to the places of betwixt and between. Fly free and enter possibility. What stories, what adventures lie there?? Write them and share them here!

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